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Headlight Deflectors

If you are thinking of driving to France or to any other country on the continent you require headlight deflectors to avoid dazzling other road users. These work on all makes & models of car, van and even some motor bikes.

You can get fined up to 100 Euros if you are stopped by the police even during daylight hours.


Buy Headlamp Deflectors HERE for just £6.95 (including FREE Next Day Delivery)


Our headlight deflectors are made by Eurolite© the brand leader, and they will fit every make and model of car. These will stop you breaking the french driving laws. They are easy to fit and come with instructions and diagrams that mean even a 10 Headlamp Deflectorsyear old could fit them. They are suitable even for vehicles with Xenon Headlights as they can take the higher temperatures.


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When you return from your trip the quicker you remove the head lamp adaptors the easier it will be. Don’t forget that the glass or Perspex lens will get warm, so the longer you leave them on the vehicle the harder it will be to remove them.


When taking them off it’s a good tip to put your headlights on for a few minutes first to warm them and then peel them off.


If they are stuck fast then you can use neat screen wash or methylated spirits to help remove them. If you have an ice scraper or screen wiper, use the rubber side to gently give the headlamp adaptors a gently prod to get them to peel up. Once you’ve got them to lift up it’s easy to get them off.


If you have a left-hand drive vehicle which you intend to drive in the UK then you should fit these LEFT HAND DRIVE Headlamp Deflectors.


Headlamp Adaptors for your car

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