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12 Things To Know Before Driving in France

Here is a useful checklist for driving in France.

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  1. You now need to carry a France-Approved Alcohol Breathalyser Kit in your car.
  2. Unless you have a new style EU number plates then you must have GB sticker on your car.*
  3. It is recommended to travel with spare bulbs and fuses for your vehicle. *
  4. Warning triangle(s) are to be used in the event of breakdown. *
  5. Headlamp Beam Adaptors have to be fitted even if you are driving in daylight. *
  6. You must have a fluorescent yellow vest (Hi-Vis) in the car (NOT the boot) for the driver. It is highly recommended that each passenger in the car should also have one.  *
  7. Drink driving limits are 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, not 80 mg as it is in the UK.
  8. You MUST take Originals (NOT photocopies) of your insurance, vehicle registration documents, MOT etc. as you may need them at customs and definitely if you get stopped by the police.
  9. You will need both parts of your driving licence with you. 
  10. On Toll roads you take a ticket when you enter and you pay when you leave, so they can see how far (in km) you have travelled.
  11. Don't assume any hire car has the correct items listed above, ASK before you book the car and check when you pick it up.
  12. A DriveRight® reusable sticker stuck on your windscreen reminds you which side of the road you should be driving on. *

      Please drive carefully (On the Right) and have a great trip


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